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If the outside of your house is looking a bit worse for wear then you can quickly and affordably change this by painting it. Painter And Decorator Colchester can send expert exterior painters and decorators you need to solve you problem. If you choose us to paint the exterior of your house, you are choosing qualified professionals with years of experience so your new paint job will last a very long time. We always ensure the right equipment and materials are used for each job we carry out. This means you can count on us to deliver high quality exterior painting at a competitive price.

exterior painters and decorators

Exterior Work

We are experienced in all types of exterior painting work including, but not limited to:

  • Wood
  • Aluminium and vinyl siding
  • Patios and decking
  • Railings


Professionally painting the outside of your house is a great way to protect it from the effects of weather. The paint acts as a barrier against the weather conditions and ensures your property stays looking fresh and stylish for many years. Our exterior painters and decorators use special exterior paint that is made to resist fading, mildew and other weather elements. Get in touch with us today to protect your home from the elements.

Our Exterior Painting Process

  • The time and date for the work to start will be arranged depending on your schedule
  • All materials and equipment required to complete the job will be supplied
  • Our painters will determine how much paint will be required
  • If scaffolding is needed we can arrange it
  • Surfaces that are to be painted are properly prepared
  • Multiple top coats are applied to ensure a long lasting finish

Our Exterior Painters and Decorators Preparation Procedure

You can’t get a superb finish without first properly preparing the surface. That’s why we take extra care to ensure the surface is absolutely prepared before any new paint is applied to it. We strive to give the best service to our customers so when you get a job completed by us you can be sure the finish will last for years because we have applied the paint to a clean, dry and stable base. Our exterior painters and decorators make sure the surface does not have any dirt, cracks or holes. Before painting, our painters and decorators will make sure:

  • Rotten woodwork is replaced or refurbished
  • Surfaces are thoroughly cleaned
  • Cracks and holes are filled in
  • Damaged seals around window frames are replaced
  • Damaged window putty is replaced
  • Damaged existing paint is stripped

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